Industrial Visit-cum-interaction-session
#Management Department_ AIMT_Industrial Visit-cum-interaction-session#A few moments during the Industrial Visit-cum-interaction session on 29th July, 2022 by the Department of Management to Beyondarie - an Unique Initiative of bringing to world ,Teas from the Pristine forest of Northeast blended with most potent herbs & spice. Their Teas are not from any garden or estate but from ancient Tall Tea Trees naturally growing in dense forest of Northeast. It is situated at Ahom Gaon, Garchuk, Assam. We are thankful to Mr. Nashat Hussain & Mr. Rajdeep Bora -co-founders of Beyondarie for their kind guidance and cooperation during the visit. The Industrial visit was very informative, and students found it very enjoyable and exciting. Students were accompanied by faculty members who were also benefitted by the visit.