BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

(Affiliated to Gauhati University and Approved by Deparntment of Higher Education, Government of Assam)

Duration - Three years

About the Course:

The program provides a broad base of business knowledge, understanding and skills. The business studies include the fields of economics, accounting, marketing, finance, human resources and more. The courses present experiential learning exercises and simulations in project management, leadership, and creative problem solving and foundation for master's level. The objective of the program is to equip the students with fundamental concepts about business and management so as to enable them in making informed and creative judgement about policies and operations of business organizations. The course also facilitates students to take up advanced courses in the areas of Banking and Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resource Management, Accounting, etc.

Teaching and Assessment:

The department has been academically enriched by the presence of experienced and goal oriented faculty members. Our teaching style is unique and goal-oriented. Be prepared to work in groups, deliver presentations, questions, challenge and motivate yourself to study. Teaching will normally be delivered through formal lectures, interactive seminars, tutorials, workshops, discussions, industry interaction and more. Assessment will usually be through a combination of individual and group work, presentations, essays, reports, projects, tests and examinations. Apart from the regular course, the institute provides additional diploma course in computer application for BBA students individual and group course work..

Career Progression:

This course will enable you to develop skills so that you can think and act strategically and exert influence in the workplace, enabling you to succeed in the business world. It will help you in gaining a competitive edge and in driving your career forward, and may also assist a career change, achieve a salary increase, improve promotion prospects or simply broaden horizons and increase marketability or open vistas for higher studies. BBA curriculum exposes a student to a wide array of theoretical subjects ranging from Finance, Economics and Management to Computers, Mathematics and Law. In addition to these core courses, training in soft skills development and inter-personal Communication is also imparted to enhance public speaking skills of students


Mr. Nanda Ram Saud

Asst. Professor,Dept. of Management

Mr. Debajyoti S. Borbora

Asst. Professor,Dept. of Management

Krishangee Kalita

Asst. Professor,Dept. of Management

Mrs. Rajashree Bhattacharyya

Asst. Professor,Dept. of Management

Mr. Manab Kalita

Asst. Professor,Dept. of Management

Mr. Ashok Sarma

Asst. Professor,Dept. of Management

Mr. Masud Rofi Alam

Asst. Professor,Dept. of Management


Students' activities at AIMT include industrial visits, seminars, workshops, presentations, project work, group discussions, guest lectures etc. For developing the right leadership qualities among the students, we give special importance and thrust to activity-based learning, teamwork camps and CSR activities as these form an essential part of developing a successful leader. From the first semester till the last, every student is guided by a team of trainers in order to mold the students into highly employable human resource.


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