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Sports, Culture & Student Welfare Cell

Coordinators:      Mr. Prakash Jyoti Pradhan(Coordinator)

                                         Ms. Krishangee Kalita.

                                         Ms. Dream Kumar Das




The main motto of the centre is to MOTIVATE, ASSIST and SETTLE. It seeks to motivate, guide and train all the students of the college irrespective of their social status to select the right career and make them responsible citizens. Eventually, it converts LEARNING of the students into WINNING.



The cell strives to accomplish the fact that, students who are part of a team, through sports or any other student welfare activity are a better team player and a well rounded invidual who can work towards self upliftment as well as the ones around them.


 The cell aims to achieve the overall development of the student through various developmental activities and active participation of the students in the same, as learning and development is a continuous process and is learnt well, when the students themselves are a part, in organizing such event.




Primary Objective:

The primary objective of the Student welfare cell is to address and effectively solve various student related matters. Students welfare cell is a bridge between students and authorities. The cell has to maintain a balance between student’s demands/problems and feasibility of solution provided by authorities.

  • To strive for excellence in education for the realization of a vibrant and inclusive society   through knowledge creation and dissemination.
  • To Blend theoretical knowledge with practical skills
  • To Improving the communication skills, GK, IQ of the students
  • To Pursue academic excellence through quality teaching, research and publications
  • To Provide access to all sections of the society to pursue higher education
  • To Inculcate right values among students
  • To Promote leadership qualities among students
  • To Produce socially sensitive citizens
  • To Hasten the process of creating a knowledge society
  • Inculcating positive thinking for physical and mental health

           ·    Providing conducive atmosphere to strengthen teaching-learning process, student-teacher relationship, peer group relationship, etc.,

 Secondary Objective:

To develop unity and integrity among students. As students belong to different region of North East and other states, cultures and religions, various on-campus events will be conducted which will represent different Indian festivals. These events will make students aware of customs of others. Together we will celebrate festivals to get united and know each other better. Various events- Pre Holi celebration, Pre Rongali Bihu celebration, Gandhi jayanti etc.

The following activities are proposed to realize the above objectives:

1        Providing Career Guidance

2        Organizing Orientation and Training Programs

3        Conducting Bridge and Remedial Courses

4      Creating Talented Student Task Force

5      Conducting Literary Activities

6      Organizing Cultural Events and National Festivals

7      Participation in inter college competitions.

8      Publishing Newsletters

9      Providing Study Material for Career Development

10      Creating Students Question Bank for various Competitive Examinations

11      Felicitating Meritorious Students.

12      Scholarship to ST, SC & Minority candidate.

Sports Activity

The college strikes a balance between the axioms “Knowledge is power” and “Health is wealth”. The college promotes sports and games, as it offers the individual an opportunity to enhance self knowledge, expression, personal development, courage and social interaction. To develop team spirit, leadership qualities and organizing abilities among students, Annual sports meets are organized regularly in the month of February.  The students of all departments are given an opportunity to participate and prove their talents. Based on the students performance at Annual Sports meet, the trophy is given to the best department of the college.

Entrepreneurship Development Initiative

Many management students aspire to become entrepreneurs and start their own business. Most of the Indian B-schools do not have a structured system of supporting budding entrepreneurs with business plan, revenue plan, HR policies, statutory compliances etc. Under the guidance of a number of renowned entrepreneurs, Asian Institutions impart knowledge and training in entrepreneurship.

Student Monitoring System

With an aim to give personalized attention and support to the students throughout their academic career, a group of 25-30 students are placed under the personal supervision of a faculty member department wise, who keeps complete record of the student  attendance and academic performance. Each batch of the various department of the institute is given to a concerned mentor and the mentor  looks after the student to clarify individual problems and makes a thorough analysis of every student's learning on the basis of his/ her performance. The mentor is responsible to give the monthly mentorship report to the concerned HOD of the respective department on 2nd of every month. The submitted report is restructured by HOD and need to submit on 4th of every month to the HR manager.


Career Counselling

The counseling cell is a unique feature of the college. It is organized to help students overcome the pressures of competition and of life in general and to meet challenges with confidence, courage and integrity. It gives a platform to the students to open up regarding different problems they might be facing academically and personally. The students approach to the concerned HOD, mentor and placement officer about career development. In this regards the students always get positive reponse .

Scholarships and Awards

Asian Institutions has a wealth of scholarships available to students from all walks of life and from all over North East. The Asian Institutions Scholarship is for academic excellence, all-round ability and leadership. The awards are for top meritorious scholars of Asian Institutions, who are recognised and rewarded regularly.

 Short term skill development program for AIMT students:


Skill Development to train young population of India with a mission to raise their socio-economic standard by improving their employable skills through demand driven short term and industry oriented Skill Development Programmes. These programmes will not only help so trained workforce to earn a decent and healthy living but also contribute to the national economy by better productivity.

Cultural Cell  

Participation in cultural activities results in enhancement of the personal skills and experiences like confidence; self-presentation; teamwork and collaboration; time management and organizational skills; self-awareness; self-discipline; open mindedness to move beyond boundaries and experiment with different ideas; communication skills; the ability to cope with criticism and learn from them resulting in a whole new developed, changed and an improved person.

 An entire gamut of activities is organized by AIMT to unleash the talent that exudes from the budding student managers. The Annual Cultural Festival of AIMT, Sanskritiwhere the artists of national repute are invited to present a musical festival, which is enjoyed by the guests, students, faculty, staff and the jam packed audience. Prior to this several events are organized at theAIMT campus facilitating both inter-class and inter-college competitions. Sanskriti is an annual two-day extravaganza of art and culture.







Pre-Republic Day Celebration

25th January



Saraswati Puja

January/ February



Vasant Utsav


Foundation Day

31st August

Pre-Independence Day

13th August

Teacher’s Day

5th September

Tithi of Srimanta Sankardeva


Vishwakarma Puja

17th September

Pre-Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

1st October

Saradi Utsav


Pre-Diwali Celebration


Children’s Day

14th November

Christmas Eve

24th December


Fashion Fiesta


Dance Competition (Nupur)


Flower Decoration competition


Salad Making Competition


Bride and Groom Competition


Music Competition (Taal)




Annual Sports Meet


Inter departmental Chess Competition


Inter departmental Chinese Checker


Inter departmental Carom Competition


Inter departmental Cyber Gaming Competition




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