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Examination Cell

Cell Members

                    Mr. Ashok Sarma (Coordinator )

            Mr. Bijoy Chandra Dey



The missions of the examination committee are:

·         To design proper exam profiles

·         To evaluate that the ultimate objectives of the courses have been achieved

·         To set exams in order to assess whether students have been benefited or not from the courses as expected and plan out strategies accordingly


The visions of the examination committee are:

·         To maintain accepted procedures

·         To keep providing qualitative and reliable educational assessment

·         To keep encouraging students in getting academic excellence


The Examination committee is an apex body of the Institute which is headed by the Examination Coordinator and a few faculty members and shall be facilitated by three sections: Examination, Record Maintenance and Administration. The main function of this Committee is to carry out examinations, publish results and award certificates (provided by the University and Institute) to the students. Keeping the record of each and every issue related to the examination and organizing workshops and seminars for the improvement of the examination system are also the responsibilities of this Committee.

The Examination Committee engages in activities that support the technical elements related to the development, maintenance and administration of examinations.


All members of the examination committees are responsible for:

        • prepare exams schedules and submit them to the department head

        • Certain that the exams are devoid of any typing errors and are of good quality.

        • holding meetings as required

        • putting the objectives (duties) of the committees into practice

        • make sure that exams are prepared one month in advance of the commencements of the final exam schedules.

        • based on the results of the evaluation of the content of the exams, the committees shall give feed-back as to how the course materials should be enriched.

        • plan to report the status of performance to the students through the notice boards & copy of the same to parent / guardians.

Rules and Regulations

For Invigilator: The teachers/Academic staff members of the Department, recommended by the examination committee shall perform as invigilators in different halls/rooms of the concerned center in the specified examination.

Duties of the Invigilators:

          (a) The sanctity of the examination depends greatly on the conduct of an invigilator. Any laxity on the part of an invigilator is likely to result in undesirable consequences affecting the reputation of the institute.

          (b) An invigilator is expected to be alert at every moment beginning from the entry of the candidates till such time that all answer scripts are collected from them.

          (c) An invigilator is under the control of the Centre-in-Charge during the period they are on duty and s/he should not leave the Examination Centre without the permission of the Centre-in-Charge.

         (d) An invigilator should report at the center at least half-an-hour before the time fixed for commencement of the examination.

         (e) An invigilator may be required to act as witness when desired by the Centre-in-Charge for opening of the question paper packets and sealing of the packets of answer scripts.

        (f) It shall be the duty of the invigilators to guard against all kinds of malpractice or misconduct on the part of any candidate at the Hall/Centre. S/he will report such malpractice or misconduct to the Centre-in-Charge/Head of the Department and render such assistance to the Centre-in-Charge as required, in regard to the conduct of the examination.

Responsibilities of the Invigilators

        (i) To distribute amongst the examinees Answer-books and Question papers.

       (ii) To make announcements asking the examinees to – (a) Produce the Admit Card and Registration Certificate (b) Leave books, notes, copying material, wireless communication set, Mobile phone and / or paper at specified place outside the Examination Hall. (c)Sign on the attendance-sheet for students. (d) Announce that students should write Roll No. on the question paper and nothing else. (e) Use only non-programmable calculator. (f)Write Subject, Paper, Roll Number and Registration Number, Semester & Year in the allotted spaces in the answer script.

        (iii) To take attendance of examinees and sign on the answer books at the appropriate place within one hour of starting of examination.

        (iv) To collect answer scripts from the examinees as soon as the examination is over and to hand over the same to the Centre-in-Charge in sequential order of roll after duly counting and tallying these with students’ attendance sheet.

        (v) To ensure that the examinees occupy their allotted seats in the room.

        (vi) To check the Admit card and Registration Certificate

        (vii)To prepare the absentee statement in respect of the room under his/her charge and submit the same within one hour of start of examination.

        (viii)To issue supplementary / continuation sheets to an examinee, only after verifying that the answer script has been fully utilized, after entering the number of sheets issued on the cover of the script with his/her initials, at the appropriate space provided for the purpose.

        (ix) To return surplus copies of loose sheets to the Centre-In-Charge immediately after the examination.

        (x) Not to allow any examinee who reports after 30 minutes of commencement of the examination to sit for the examination.

       (xi) No examinee shall in any case be allowed to leave the examination hall before expiry of an hour from the commencement of the examination.

       (xii) The invigilator shall sign each answer script at the assigned box as evidence of verification of candidature of the student. S/he shall also indicate (at the assigned space) the number of supplementary sheets used by the examinee in each case.

Rules and regulations For Candidates during Examination

            ·         Student must clear all the dues for the session and return all the Library books at the end of each semester, before filling up the form.

                     ·      The right to participate in the written examinations of any semester is reserved for those students who have fulfilled the subject requirements, 75% attendance, selection test etc. as laid down in the college rules.

            ·          Candidates will be admitted to the examination room 10 minutes before the hour appointed for the examination.

            ·         A candidate is permitted to bring the following items to an exam: pen, pencil, drafting instruments, and, if specifically permitted, electronic calculators. All equipment brought to the examination must be placed on the candidate’s desk and kept in view during the examination.

            ·         A candidate must not bring any books, notes (in any form), loose paper, calculator cases, instrument cases, other containers, or wireless communication devices (cellphones, etc.)

            ·         Only those candidates who are required to write the examination will be allowed   in the room during the examination.

            ·         All students are required to have their Photo ID present for the duration of the exam.

            ·         If the examiner considers it necessary, candidates will find on their desks, along with the examination paper, special data such as log books, tabular data, curves or plans. Such special data is not to be written upon or marked up in any way. The data must be returned with the answer books.

            ·         A candidate is not permitted to either leave the room during the first sixty minutes (escorted washroom breaks permitted), or enter the room after that period. If a candidate arrives thirty minutes after the start of the exam, he or she will not be permitted to write the exam and will need to submit a petition to the Committee on Examinations.

            ·         At ten and five minutes before the end of the examination the presiding examiner will announce the number of minutes remaining.

            ·         Candidates who have finished writing and wish to leave the examination room before the 5 minute announcement must first personally hand in all their answer books, whether used or not, to the presiding examiner's along with any special data provided.

            ·         When all materials have been collected, the presiding examiner will announce that candidates may leave the room. All rules for the conduct of candidates during examinations remain in full force until this announcement is made.

            ·         Candidates may not provide assistance to or receive assistance from anyone during the exam. They may not communicate in any manner with any person other than the examiner, presiding examiner or assistants.


            ·         Eating and drinking are not permitted in examination rooms.

Duty Of Exam Cell                  

             1)      After announcement of form fill-up by the university the student will fill up the form who are not detained for the exam and the detained list will be given by the HOD of each dept. to the exam cell.

             2)      Put the time table of semester end exam on the notice board of each dept. and on the exam cell.

             3)    Exam cell correspond with the university about the number of answer scripts, additional sheet , envelop(inner/outer), top sheet, attendance sheet, mark folio required for the exam before one week of commencement of exam.                                                                                                          

             4)      Officer in charge of the examination will Contact with the external examiner appointed for the exam by the university.

             5)      Prepare the first aid box and other material like envelope, sealing wax, stapler, thread, cello tap etc.

             6)     Make sure that how many regular and arrear students are appearing for exam and according to that prepare the seat plane and attendance sheet.

             7)      Prepare the invigilation duty for the exam and take the signature of the invigilator before the exam.

             8)      Distribute the admit card after receiving from university to the candidate.

             9)      The question paper sent by the university are kept in the custody of nearest police station of the college by an authorized person authorized by exam cell. The authorized person will bring the question paper from police station before half an hour of the commencement of exam and submit to the officer in charge of the exam.

             10)    After completion of each day exam the packets of answer scripts are sent to the zonal officer of the examination. Within the packets one top sheet, attendance sheet, two question paper has to be given and one top sheet is pasted on the envelope and address of the zonal officer is written on the envelope. After that the packet is sealed by sealing wax.

             11)     The packets are carried by an authorized person to the office of the zonal officer who is authorized by exam cell. The packets are received by zonal officer in an acknowledgement recipe of college.

             12)     A file should be maintained by the officer in charge for each day exam which involve:

a)      Two copies of attendance sheet one for external examiner and one for exam cell.

b)      Two copies of top sheet one for external examiner and one for exam cell.

c)       Two copies of acknowledgement recipe of each packet one for external examiner and one for exam cell.

             13)      Exam cell will communicate with External of practical exam and date should be put in the notice board of the concerned dept.

             14)     The internal mark of each paper will be sent to the university after the completion of examination and one Xerox copy of each will be kept in the exam file of the semester end exam.                                          

             15)     At the end of exam one copy of each question paper will be sent to college library by the exam cell.

             16)    At the end two spiral binding report will be prepared one for external examiner and one for exam cell which will contain:

a)      Cover page ( Annexure1).

b)      List of member of committee(Annexure2)

c)       Acknowledgement letter from external(Annexure3)

d)      Student breakup sheet semester wise( Annexure4)

e)      Attendance sheet of each semester(Annexure5)

f)       Top sheet of each paper( provided by university)

g)      Acknowledgement letter of submission of answerscript, internal mark, practical mark.(Annexure6)

h)      Invigilation duty list( Annexure7)

               i)     Seat plane(Annexure8).





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