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Examination Cell

Cell Members

      ·         Nand Ram Saud

      ·         Ashok Sharma

      ·         Utpalparna Kalita

      ·         Priyanka Goswami

      ·         Ram Kumar Dhar

      ·         Sayanika Deka Sarma



The missions of the examination committee are:

·         To design proper exam profiles

·         To evaluate that the ultimate objectives of the courses have been achieved

·         To set exams in order to assess whether students have been benefited or not from the courses as expected and plan out strategies accordingly


The visions of the examination committee are:

·         To maintain accepted procedures

·         To keep providing qualitative and reliable educational assessment

·         To keep encouraging students in getting academic excellence


The Examination committee is an apex body of the Institute which is headed by the Examination Coordinator and a few faculty members and shall be facilitated by three sections: Examination, Record Maintenance and Administration. The main function of this Committee is to carry out examinations, publish results and award certificates (provided by the University and Institute) to the students. Keeping the record of each and every issue related to the examination and organizing workshops and seminars for the improvement of the examination system are also the responsibilities of this Committee.

The Examination Committee engages in activities that support the technical elements related to the development, maintenance and administration of examinations.


All members of the examination committees are responsible for:

        • prepare exams schedules and submit them to the department head

        • Certain that the exams are devoid of any typing errors and are of good quality.

        • holding meetings as required

        • putting the objectives (duties) of the committees into practice

        • make sure that exams are prepared one month in advance of the commencements of the final exam schedules.

        • based on the results of the evaluation of the content of the exams, the committees shall give feed-back as to how the course materials should be enriched.

        • plan to report the status of performance to the students through the notice boards & copy of the same to parent / guardians.


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