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Orientate yourself:

Held at the beginning of each Academic Year, Orientation is a multi-day event to help you feel at home at Asian Institutions. You'll have fun, meet people and make good friends along the way. You can attend information sessions about the Institutions support services including the student-mentoring scheme. Special lectures cover everything from IT access and e-learning to library use and how to manage course reading. You will also have the opportunity to take part in events organised by Faculties.

Mentorship Programme- Supporting role:

Being away from home for the first time is enough of a challenge in itself. That is why Asian Institutions have facilities and support on offer, whatever your background or needs are. From healthcare to career advice, sports to spiritual guidance even buddies to help you settle into college life you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that help is here if you need it.

Academic support:

Alongside student support and peer mentoring opportunities, your own personal academic advisor will guide you through your studies, helping you to make decisions about your course, monitor your progress and ultimately meet your academic goals. Ahead of graduation, you will benefit from our Career Service.

English language support:

If English is not your first Language, and you want to improve your skills, our English for speakers of Other Languages is ideal for you. You will learn a full range of English language skills, including speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

You will learn in a small group. So, you will get much help and support from our well-qualified teachers. You will have plenty of opportunities to participate in the class.

Scholarships and awards:

Asian Institutions have a wealth of scholarships available to students from all walks of life and from all over North East. The Asian Institutions Scholarship is for academic excellence, all-round ability and leadership. The awards are for top meritorious scholars of Asian Institutions, who are recognised and rewarded regularly.


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